Friday, 17 January 2014

Dry, Chapped Winter Lips, Time to Rejoice!: BLISTEX is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wintertime, Christmas season, holidays - and dry lips.  Yup, all these things go together.  But, alas, I believe I have found the remedy to make the last one just as merry as the other three.

YES, YES, Y'All - Blistex Protect Plus
What I do is to apply the Blistex on with a generous hand:

I know, I know, Crusty Central
Already you can see and feel the dry skin flaking off the lips.  Yes, it feels funny and you may want to begin to pick away the flakes at this point, but DON'T, please  :)  Wait an hour (45 minutes at the least).  And, yes, this may involve chillin' at home for an hour, but I guarantee you, it'll be worth it.  Just keep scrolling  :)
Removing the Blistex with a makeup wipe
See how the dry flakes just wipe away. I allow the dry skin tell me where to wipe, never picking the flakes with my hands.  My lips feel SO soft and fresh after this treatment and...'s obvious how effective this treatment is by the amount of dead skin on the wipe.  And, ...
VOILA!  Smooth, soft, and um, kissable lips are back on the scene!
If need be, this process can be repeated.  Just allow the lips to rest for about 10 minutes, (the dry skin and wiping may cause the lips to be a bit sensitive).  Usually, one treatment every few days is enough.
Ciao 4 Now, Y'All!  :)  Byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


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