Tuesday, 11 February 2014

From Plovdiv to Budapest via Sofia and Serbia (EUROLINES): TUESDAYTRAVELSWITH'TIMBO

So, this time our travels have led us to Budapest, Hungary - from Plovdiv, Bulgaria via Eurolines Bus Company.  We started our day at 5 am (getting ready to head to the bus station by 05:40).  From Plovdiv to Sofia, we rode a small 10-seater van.  Once in Sofia (an hour early and a first for us, I might add), we were able to grab some snacks for the trip and get a good seat (since there were so few people on this early morning bus we were able to each have 2 seats to ourselves to stretch out - and eat, thank you Mr. Bus Driver). 

Pumpkin Pooh getting her grub on with a pastry given to her by a fellow passenger
(her grandmother made them  :)
Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug, we're off to Serbia.  Crossing from Bulgaria into Serbia wasn't as arduous and exhausting as I thought it would be. 

YES, we had to get off the bus and show our passports and YES we had to bring our bags from the bus with us, but the process was quick and straightforward.  And after we returned to the bus, we were pleasantly surprised with...
...a movie...

Killing Season starring Robert DeNiro and John Travolta
(appropriate movie given it was about the war in Bosnia and Serbia and we started and finished the film while in Serbia)
The bus driver played movies all the way into the evening and the genre of movies varied from action to romantic comedy.  There were many bathroom breaks, an extended meal break and plenty of time to just walk outisde for a photo op.

All in all, the trip from Plovdiv to Budapest was great.  This trip proves that the bus drivers really can make or break a travel experience and thanks to the bus drivers on this bus route, our experience was quite positive...

...and we arrived at Népliget International Bus Station in Budapest half an hour early.
I'd say that was some good ol' fashioned grade A customer service, wouldn't you?

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