Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lipstick Review: FIERCE MAGENTA (bold and natural lipstcks)

5 Lipsticks in lip balm tubes - GENIUS IDEA!
(Mystical Forest, Medusa, Hot Choco, Permafrost, Quicksilver - from left to right)

Spanish Olive lipgloss in the forefront, Flamenco Girl lipstick in the background
May I just say thank you to Fierce Magenta.  Thank you for bubble wrapping my lippies so carefully.  Thank you for the quick shipping from the U.S. to Bulgaria:
I received a notice of my package from the post office 4 days before the expected delivery date.
And, last but CERTAINLY not least, thank you for making such natural, creamy, pigmented and
bold lipsticks!



My lips right after MEDUSA - no staining  :)

Well, Fierce Magenta, you did it!  You have created a natural piece of lip art that somehow manages to leave the connoisseur with a blank lip canvas due to minimal to no staining.  Like I said earlier, GENIUS! 
Of note:  The lipsticks have a slight menthol/minty scent to them, it doesn't linger.  Between each lipstick application, I applied a raindrop size of baby oil to my lips.  As these lipsticks are natural, during the summer months, melting may occur (I noticed a slight melting if I left them next to my computer for an extended period of time).
Cia 4 Now Y'All!  Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!  :)

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