Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Painted Skin, Coloured Lips: The Black Lipstory TAG

So, the start of Black History Month is only a few days away and I'm feeling inspired - by lipstick!  HUH?!  Yup, lipstick.  Being here in Eastern Europe, Plovdiv to be exact, I have an almost unlimited access to a variety of lippies.  What I don't have access to is a load of information on black history - to be expected.  But, at the end of the day, I am of colour and so are many of my friends (they range from vanilla to chocolate).  What I have learned being here in Eastern Europe is that most of our differences are external and a part of our history; painted (coloured) skin is just that, skin, and paints get blended all the time. Ya feel me?  :)  Soooooooooo, on to da tag  :)

  1. Pick a lipstick, any lipstick, go ahead don' be afraid
  2. Pick a person (any shade of paint or colour) that somehow contributed to black history
  3. Explain the connection
  4. Showcase the lipstick
  5. Tag someone whose skin is painted a different shade to do the tag
  6. Post pics and videos of your version of THE BLACK LIPSTORY TAG with the following tag:  #theblacklipstorytag
  7. Now, hold ya head up, you've just educated someone  :)
  1. Maybelline's Pleasure Me Red
  2. Red Skelton, an American entertainer and comedian in the 1930's through 1971
  3. In 1941, Red Skelton started his own radio show entitled, The Raleigh Cigarettes Program.  In 1948, this same program featured The Four Knights, a deeply painted skin a.k.a. all-black pop and doo wop band.

  4. Maybelline's Pleasure Me Red
  5. I tag:  MassyssyCouli, Carlibel55, mrsraachxo, Young Wild and Polished, Honeybee Philosophy, JordysBeautySpot, Sienna Spaulding tv, C Key, BeautyBuzzHub, Msbrownsugarondeck, RobynluvsBeautyxo, MsJadoreGlamour, Kristina UA, TheHappyHairShow, TheTukkyTuk11, Electric Glamour, MakeupMesha, Emma Pickles, Maria Styles, lolalondon, yaschan, holmique, JamaicanMakeUpArtist

  6.  Pleasure Me Red Skelton  #theblacklipstorytag
  7. My head is up  :)

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  1. I don't wear lipstick so I'm not sure about lip colours, but if it's to tribute to the colour of my skin, my aloe vera lip balm has to do. I'm Chinese and slightly pale!

    Pingerrain [www.pingerrain.com]