Saturday, 8 March 2014

Make Me Marvellous with Minimal Money Mondays: POSH THRIFT SHOPPING : Vintage louis Vutton at the Second-hand shop in Herenveld, Belgium...for 9 euros 50!

So, I'm at the second-hand shop, as I usually am, trying to find yet another bargain, then, BOOM, this beauty pops up.  YUP, that's right a genuine LOUIS VUTTON handbag for only 9 euros 50...take a look, :)

I thrift often as a way to stay on budget but I understand that sometimes you just wanna treat yourself...and this is still possible, even at the thrift shop.  I was SO excited when I found this LV treasure, I couldn't believe it.  But, then, I hear these things happen all the time.  So, make a day of it.  Put on your best (thrifted) outfit, throw on a smile, and walk or drive, into that fancy-shmancy neighbourhood and walk right past all those high-end retailers and right into their local second-hand shop and grab a vintage treasure for yourself - or a friend  :)


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